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The Grave is a Bangladeshi English language drama film written and directed by Gazi Rakayet. It is a Impress Telefilm & Bangladesh Government funded joint venture film, based on a journey of an undertaker. It features Gazi Rakayet himself in titular role, Dilara Zaman, Deepanwita Martin, Moushumi Hamid, Sushoma Sarkar, and Shamima Tusty among others. SM Mohsin and Mamunur Rashid also make guest appearances in the film. The film was simultaneously shot in Bengali, titled Gor (transl. the grave) respectively. The film is coined as Bangladesh’s first bilingual film project. The Grave is initially release in Bangladesh on 25 December 2020, and later on Hollywood as the first Bangladeshi produced film.

Directed by

Gazi Rakayet

Theatrical Release

25 December 2020 (Bangladesh)
14 May 2021 (Los Angeles)




English, Bengali


Gazi Rakayet is a Bangladeshi actor, director and writer. He won Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Dialogue and Best Story for the film Mrittika Maya (2013). He also earned the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in the film Anil Bagchir Ekdin (2015). In 1980, when Rakayet was in grade seven, he performed in a stage-play named Halchal. In 1988, he joined a team of stage actors at the Group Theatre Federation. His first web series is Unoloukik.


Shirja Mia (Gazi Rakayet), now a middle aged person has lost everything, his loving family, his daughter, because of a tidal bore, now he begs, but begging is not the main purpose of his life. He is an undertaker, a grave digger. He inquires about the death of people through begging. When Shirja was young he came to a Char and got married. They had a lovely daughter named Rahela (Gazi Amatun Nur). He had to go to town for work. Rahela asked for a doll from the town. Shirja bought a doll, while he was returning to the Char from town; but he couldn’t come back to Char due to bad weather. Next day he heard that the tidal bore had washed out the Char. Later he came back to Char. But he didn’t find his daughter and wife anywhere. The Char was full of dead bodies. At that time he started digging graves. Now he has only two possessions in his life. One is a doll which he bought for his daughter and the other is a number which he got from his ancestors. His ancestors believed that if someone could dig hundred graves he would surely be placed in heaven. But no one could ever reach the target. He believes the only way to get salvation is to dig one hundred graves, so he can go straight to heaven and meet his family. Thus he dug 99 graves. His goal is to dig hundred graves. He wandered from village to village waiting for the news of people’s death and digging graves. Then began the wait to achieve his goal, also falls falls in big crisis with a girl like his daughter.


The Grave - Lead Role

Gazi Rakayet
as Shirja Mia
Gazi Amatun Nur Duti
as Rehala
Ashiul Islam
as Moja
Deepanwita Martin
as Honufa
A.K. Azad Shetu
as Soba
Mousumi-Hamid (002)
Mousumi Hamid
as Archana
Sushama Sarker
Sushama Sarker
as Annopunna
Shamima Tusty
Shamima Tusty
as Shirja Mia’s Wife
Dilara Zaman
Dilara Zaman
as Anguri Buri
Mamunur Rashid
as guest appearances
S.M. Mohsin
as Anchhu
maxresdefault (1)
Anisul Hoque Borun
as Haripodo
Habib Masud
as Nibaron
Omor Faruque
as Suresh
Zarifa Tasnim Abony
as Rahela

Technical Team

Directed by

Gazi Rakayet

Produced by
  • Faridur Reza Sagar
  • Gazi Rakayet
Executive Producer

Iftekharul Chishty

Written by

Gazi Rakayet

Screenplay by

Gazi Rakayet

Distributed by

Impress Telefilm Limited

  • Pankaz Palit
  • Niaz Mahbub
Edited by

Sariful Islam

Art Direction by

Uttam Guha

Sound Design By

Kazi Salim Ahmed

Costume Design by

Enam Tara Saki

Make Up Design by

Mohammad Ali Babul


Manas Bhattacharya

Music by

Mohammad Fazla Kadar Shadhin

Playback Singer

Naira Shahrin Munia

Translation by

Abdus Selim

Chief Assistant Director

Barno Nath

Chief Production Controller

Shahariar Mithun

Assistant Director
  • Alamgir Sagar
  • Abir Wahiduzzaman
  • Roman Shuvo
  • M.I. Sunny Sarkar
  • Javed Jafori


Screenplay of The Grave is originally adapted from Rakayet’s previously scripted and starred, tele-fiction named Gor, aired on Bangladesh Television. The film received a grant of 6 million BDT from the Government of Bangladesh for the production of films. Later, Impress Telefilms, was joined to co-produce and distribute the film. Original Bengali screenplay was translated by Abdus Selim for English version. The film was shot in rural scene and in set of Dohar. Uttam Guho provided the art direction for this film. Set was created by clearing space in a jungle. Principal photography was done in October and November in 2018. The film was shot bilingually simultaneously for both international and domestic audiences.

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